Hi my name is Allison, or as I like to go by Alli. (yup that’s me with the bow). I first learned to groom on my own. I had two golden retrievers, and just moved here to Arizona to go to college and couldn’t afford to get them done. I grabbed a pair of clippers and said “I can do this!!” and I did. I shaved them myself for a few years before starting to work at Petsmart. While employed at Petsmart I attended their grooming academy where I learned breed cuts and standards. After I outgrew Petsmart I worked for a mobile company for the next couple of years where I really found myself as a groomer. My best friend Sarah started working with me as my grooming assistant. As we learned and as we grew we realized we could totally do this on our own. So we designed a company we love. Here we are Furrends Furrever.

My journey as Alli's grooming assistant started off as something new, I needed to be free and out of the office life. I have always had a love for dogs but I had never worked so closely with them on a daily basis. After just a short period of time I knew this job was for me.. I have learned a lot over the years and I couldnt be happier. My days are always fun and exciting and I have developed a love for dogs I didn’t know existed. Though this job is tiring at times it is extremely rewarding too. I couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else.. Not only do I enjoy what I do everyday, I also get to work with my Best Friend!